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First Securities Inc. Stock Affairs Representation Department 6F., No. 27, Sec. 1, Anhe Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City +886-2-2563-5711

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Dividend Policy

Dividend policy as defined in the Articles of Incorporation:

The Company is in its growing stage, and by taking into account its needs for capital expenditure, business development and sound financial structure, the Company’s dividend policy will be distributed in the forms of cash or stocks to its shareholders based on its future capital expenditure plan and capital needs.

If the Company has earnings after account settlement, (1) appropriate for payment of applicable taxes as required by law; (2) Cover carryforward loss (if applicable); followed by (3) the appropriation of 10% as legal reserve until the amount of legal reserve is equivalent to the paid-in capital of the Company; and (4) appropriation or reversal of special reserve as required by law. If there is still a balance, pool up with undistributed incomes for distribution at the proposal of the Board, and present it to the Shareholders’ Meeting for payment of the shareholder dividends.

The Company may release dividends in cash and/or stock, and the amount of dividend for release shall not fall below the net earnings of the year of the appropriation specified in (1) to (4) of 5% if there is no contradiction to the law of the Cayman Islands. In addition, the amount of cash dividend shall not fall below 20% and up to 100% of the total dividend payable to the shareholders.


Year Cash dividend (New Taiwan dollar) Stock dividend (Share)
2022 2 No distribution
2021 2.7 No distribution
2020 3.41 No distribution
2019 1.20 No distribution
2018 2.30 No distribution
2017 1.99996358 No distribution
2016 0.6 No distribution
2015 0.6 No distribution
2014 0.6 No distribution
2013 0.6 No distribution