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Stakeholder identification

The Company identifies its significant stakeholders by taking the following principles and experience into account.

  1. Individuals or groups for whom the Company has the responsibility in their legal, financial or operational decisions.
  2. Individuals or groups that are impacted by the operation of the Company.
  3. Individuals or groups that influence the operational performance of the Company.

By observing the above principles, the Company considers employees, shareholders and investors, customers and suppliers as its prior stakeholders. Representatives from various departments investigate views and opinions of different stakeholders individually.

Effective communication with stakeholders is essential in the implementation of corporate social responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to identify stakeholders and understand their reasonable expectations and concerns through communication in order to revamp the Company’s knowledge about relevant concerns and solutions.

Communication and interaction with stakeholders are as follows:

Stakeholders Concerns Communication channels
  • Employee welfare
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Talents development
  • The Company handles other employee welfare measures, pension, continuing education and other employees rights and benefits in conformity with the provisions of Labor Standards Act. For the improvement of employee communication, the Company provides multiple communication channels to ensure the prompt delivery and transparency of messages. Such channels allow all employees to fully express suggestions, which subsequently serve as the basis of future improvement, to the Company.
Shareholders and investors
  • Ethical Corporate Management 
  • R&D and Innovation
  • The Company is committed to the protection of stakeholders’ rights, so it has appointed the spokesperson and deputy spokesperson who are responsible for answering investors’ queries and duly handle such questions with the principles of integrity and responsibility.
  • R&D and Innovation
  • Customer relationship management
  • In order to offer the comprehensive service and protection to all of its customers and clients, the Company reacts immediately when receiving customer complaints to understand customers’ demands and further cultivate the interaction with its customers, and review and improvement measures are brought out in the Company’s internal meetings.
  • Hazardous substances management
  • Environmentally friendly products and services
  • The Company provides its suppliers, customers and stakeholders the contact hotline for complaints and promptly solves issues raised.